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Ingenious magnetic glassware exclusive to Deck&Galley

Posted on 2nd Mar 2022

Once in a while you find products truly worth having on board - here's one of them! This ingenious magnetic base glassware from Silwy solves the issue of drinks sliding off surfaces. Handcrafted in Germany, enjoy using real glass or unbreakable plastic in either clear, grey or stunning Natchmann crystal.

Unique worldwide, the entire Silwy range has integrated base magnets that connect with matching 'coasters'. These coasters are in fact metal-nano-gel pads which stick to common sealed marine or outdoor surfaces and simply peel off, without leaving a sticky residue. You can also buy large pads to custom fit cabinets or permanent strips to integrate onto deck tables etc. As you'd expect from the Germans the magnetic system has a perfectly balanced force ratio.

For those who want total luxury, Silwy has teamed up with Natchmann to produce stunning real crystal glassware that would suit the most discerning owner. Or, simply opt for the ever-popular unbreakable plastic models.

No longer will you worry about drinks sliding off the table everytime a boat goes past!

We asbolutely love this brand and know you will too! Exclusive to Deck&Galley within Australia under commercial agreement.

First shipment due early April 2022 - Taking pre-orders now!

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